Expanding Representation And Participation: Towards A Transnational Public Sphere To Reinforce EU Democratic Legitimacy

The objective of the module is to deepen the knowledge and awareness of the functioning of EU democracy and decision-making processes, mechanisms of citizens’ participation and EU e-participation tools, thus contributing to the formation of a transnational public sphere. To this end, the analysis will focus in particular, but not exclusively, on how electronic tools can influence the dynamics of the interinstitutional dialogue and deliberation involving citizens, and on how they impact on processes of information, agenda setting and consultation, based on Articles 10 and 11, TEU. The module consists of teaching activities and seminars, also delivered by former senior EU high officers, addressed to undergraduate, masters and PhD students, as well as round tables aimed at a wider audience (secondary school students, policymakers, and civil society organisations). Researchers of other universities also outside the EU will be involved to create a research network on the topics of EU democracy, legitimacy, bottom-up participation, with a special focus on young people. The estimated number of beneficiaries is one thousand participants. A final Conference will be organised at the end of the three-year period. The proposed action also aims to develop new interactive teaching methods. The project involves a dissemination package including the official website of the Module, a YouTube Channel and dedicated accounts on social media networks. Certain activities will be recorded and uploaded to the e-learning section of the above-mentioned website. A collective book with the main research results will be published which will identify priorities, objectives and suggestions for translating the main project results into new policies and improved practices. It is expected that participants will acquire an in-depth knowledge of EU law and a high level of expertise and relevant skills to deal with the issues at stake, which will be an asset in their future careers.